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BLS Webinars

Webinars are a fantastic platform to provide engaging content to your audience through a live or pre-recorded stream. We offer a mixture of webinar formats, the most popular being:

LIVE – a small number of people discuss the topics at hand live, in real time, and can therefore participate with the audience and cater the information depending on audience requests in real time.

PRE-RECORDED – the content has been recorded beforehand and is then played to the audience as if in real time. This allows you to perfect your presentation before hand so you know your information is being delivered exactly how you have planned.

SIMU-LIVE – these are a combination of live and pre-recorded webinars and can offer the best of both worlds, for example the presentation is mastered and then a pre-recording is played, after which the hosts can appear live to ask any questions the audience may have in real time.

Interview: The Hon. Gaston Browne, Prime Minister, Antigua and Barbuda

Click this link to view more interviews from industry experts such as:

Kirthley Maginley, Co-founder and CEO, James & Maginley Ltd
Atef El Kadi, Director, GICG
Sebastian A. Stubbe, CEO, Pine State Regional Center
William Gresser, President, EB-5 New York State Regional Center

On the current status of South African citizenship and how to invest to migrate overseas.

Part 1: Current status of South African citizenship and why so many South Africans are seeking to migrate overseas.
Delivered by expert immigration attorney Ashraf Essop from Roussows Attorneys.

Part 2: Special Spotlight on Grenada investment immigration and how to use it to access the USA’s E2 visa.
Delivered by Maryam Mansouri, Business Development Director at Range Developments, the leading developer of Citizenship-by-Investment projects in the Caribbean – Park Hyatt St.Kitts and the Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski, Dominica.

Part 3:
Alternative Residency and Citizenship program options for South Africans.
Delivered by Sam Hussain, Managing Director for BLS Global.

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